Android stuck/bootlop at Boot

Android stuck/bootlop at Boot

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    I have an Chuwi Hi10 Tablet, my problem: Android stucked at boot.
    I tried to reflash with Intel Phone Flash Tool and flash-no-erase-all.json file. Flashing was success, but instead of stucking at boot, I have now bootloops only on Android partition.

    I also tried this method with delting flash gpt.ini command in installer.cmd, but I have the same problem (after first reboot there was as described the android logo, but after next reboot only chuwi logo boot loops).

    Maybe my booting information table is corruped? – Because at BIOS I have 4 Boot Options, 1 with Windows and 3 with Android-AI, I did not know, if this was before or not.



    My Tablet:
    Chuwi Hi10
    Model: CWI529 with Intel Z8350 CPU
    Serial: HQ64G421612xxxxx



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    I solved it with flash CM12, because the Stock ROM from CHUWI is full of shit! – I only had boot loops, I got into Android with luck to press “Vol +” Key at Boot after I selected “Normal Boot” in Bootloader (intel Logo appears after Chuwi Loading Logo). – BUT this was not all, the STOCK Android ROM has no Touchscreen driver installed.

    I used so many methods and tutorials to get it working, I really spent more than 8 hours to get it work.


    So now my steps how I flashed CM12:

    First I used this tutorial:

    Instead of flashing TWRP into recovery partition, I flashed to Stock ROM with Intel Phone Flash Tool (Tutorial:, and used flash-no-erase-all.json from Hi12, they are the same:
    I exchanged the recovery.img with the TWRP img file (make sure you rename/replace it to/with recovery.img):

    Then you don’t need to unlock the bootloader and you don’t need to flash the dm-verity.

    I downloaded files for my Chuwi Hi10 Pro Model: CWI529 with Serial: HQ64G421612xxxxx and put them onto a FAT32 fomatted USB Stick: (
    cm-12.1-20170128-chuwi_vi10plus-Hi10Pro-HQ64 ( ( yes x86 on HQ64…)

    After selecting Android from Bootmenu (where you can switch between Android and Windows) press “Vol -” for ~5 seconds, the bootloader appears and select reboot recovery, after selecting again Android on next boot, TWRP is loading and have access to all partitions, without unlock bootloader and disable dm-verity.

    Put the USB Stick into Dockingstation or Micro USB – USB Adapter and select the zip files in the order listed above.






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    You are not alone, my Chuwi Tablet has the same problem after the update. Fortunately, I use recovery mode to fix Tablet stuck boot loop problem, I suggest you give it a try, maybe it is useful to you.

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