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Bad results after Mod

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    Dhr. Jeep
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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to describe how I did my thermal mod and maybe get some advice from you guys!

    So, I opened up my Mix Plus and removed the aluminium heatsink:

    • I cleaned the CPU/GPU with the proper alcohol
    • Applied Cooler Master E1 IC Essential
    • Put on a 1mm 20x20mm copper shim
    • Applied pressure, moved it around and checked if everything was spread well. It was.
    • Used a 3M thermal adhesive sticker to stick the copper shim to the aluminium heatsink
    • Screwed it back on
    • Put a few 1mm thermal pads on the heatsink (removed the plastic on both sides-almost forgot one side)
    • Put back the back plate

    Now, after playing 1 game of League of Legends (50min) it still gets around 92 degrees. That’s 4 degrees lower than before the mod, so I have some profit :p But I saw others have way better temps. The only thing I could thin off is that the outer part of the heatsink where the CPU is located underneath, has a small dent in it. Even with the thermal pad on it, it still is a bit lower. Would that be it? I saw Chris just putting one small thermal pad on there and done, I did even more but I get higher temps.

    Any thoughts?

    Edit: I have still a lot of materials left: thermal pads, 1mm, 0.5mm and 0.3mm copper shims (all 20x20mm) and thermal adhesive

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    • Applied pressure, moved it around and checked if everything was spread well. It was.

    Did you take it off to check it spread well and then put it back on? If so from what I read, (research for changing paste on my laptop), that is a bad idea, as you introduce air pockets by taking it off and reapplying it again, messing up the conductivity from processor to shim.


    Dhr. Jeep
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    thank you for your reply. That is actually a good point. But would it be so bad that it will not show any profit in temperature at all? I think I will have to clean everything and re-apply the paste.

    Any other thoughts?


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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Just reduce the processor rate in the advanced battery option to a lower percentage and you’ll be good to go</p>


    Dhr. Jeep
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    <p style=โ€text-align: center;โ€>Just reduce the processor rate in the advanced battery option to a lower percentage and youโ€™ll be good to go</p>

    Hi! Thank you for your reply.
    I know that is possible but I use it for gaming too. I would rather increase the power than to decrease/reduce it. That is why I did the mod in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Hi Jeep,

    I’m a newb at modding myself, hence the reading i did before i tried it. As for the moving around the shim I may be wrong there, I’ve read that is not good and read other people recommend it!

    There is supposed to be a break in period for the paste to kick in, hopefully it is that.

    The only other thoughts are; Did you clean the copper shim and the heat sink with the same alcohol cleaning solution before you applied them? If not, that could be the problem, see here;

    “A hair, piece of lint, and even dead skin cells
    can significantly affect the thermal interface’s performance. Oils from you fingers
    can adversely affect the performance by preventing the micronized silver or
    ceramic fill from directly contacting the metal surfaces. (Fingerprints can be as
    thick as 0.005”)ย  My thoughts are if the shim wasn’t cleaned those elements could compromise the heat transfer from the paste to the shim. I’d clean the heat sink as well.

    Also you used a few thermal pads on top of the heatsink? But Chris had good results with one?Maybe that is to many, and something is going wrong there? My first step before removing the paste would be to open it up, and just try one pad and see if it improves.

    Good luck mate, hope you have good results and can get back to gaming, you dont want 92 degrees! ๐Ÿ˜‰






    Dhr. Jeep
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    Hi man,

    I see that I never got back at you, my apologies. Your post was much appreciated, you made me re-think my process and I start reading into the basics again. I ordered some better materials and I will start anew.

    Tnx again ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Hi Dr.Jeep! Same problem here. Did you do the mod again? Did you get better results?


    Dhr. Jeep
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    Hi Daved,

    Sorry for my late reply to this. Yes, I did it again and I got some better results. My advice is to get good qulaity stuff. I first went for the cheapest options on Aliexpress and I can tell you that that does not pay off in the end.

    Just get solid copper shims, good cooling paste and some high quality thermal pads.

    CPU-> paste-> 1mm copper shim-> paste -> the aluminium heatsink-> thermal pads. (also 1mm). Done. Never goes over 90. When I game I also put on a small fan, i bought one from Orico because of the handy mechamism to attach it to the table. Put fan on the back, temps never above 80.


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    If aluminium and copper touch each other,aluminium will degrade and get destroyed. So there is a huge chance that shim will move and shortcircuit cmp.


    Dhr. Jeep
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    Of course but when the heat-sink is screwed unto it again, firmly, it should not be able to move. Using thermal adhesive can also be a good idea although I still wonder about the thermal conductivity of the material while with thermal paste it is well-known.


    Dhr. Jeep
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    I decided to buy some new item and try it all again. With the 96% isopropyl alcohol, I cleaned the die (the CPU) and the entire heat-sink. I bought Cooler Master MasterGel Maker Nano because of all the effort they’ve put into that name. And also because it shows it’s thermal conductivity is 11 <span class=”a-list-item”>W/Mk </span>instead of the 4 to 6 most others have. It also got good reviews and was cheaper then most others here next door.

    Used a new, cleaned, 1mm copper shim, put the gel on there too and then the heat sink, screwed it tightly.

    On top of that the thermals pads, normal ones from

    Now, gaming:
    – League of Legends
    – They Are Billions

    No scientific research here but I want from 94 degrees to 73 max after one 40 minute game of LoL and the same result with TAB right after that (around 50 minutes), still 73.

    YouTube, 1080p full-screen would give me 85 degrees after 20 minutes, now went to 63.


    So what I did wrong the first time could be two things:
    – old paste
    – used thermal adhesive to get the copper shim stuck to the heat-sink

    Old paste might have been too old and the thermal conductivity of the adhesive I can find nothing about, maybe it’s only ‘working under intense heat’ and not really meant to also conduct the heat, effectively isolating it and making things worse.

    So, I tried it three times and the best method I can say is; no hassle, simply buy good new paste.

    Also, for some people who are afraid the copper shim will move around: it really cannot go anywhere if you do not use too much paste (rice grain is the max, more is counter-productive) and you make the screws really tightly.


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