Battery Completely discharged, won't start or charge

Battery Completely discharged, won't start or charge

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    I’m posting here in case there is anyone else outside China that still owns a Cube iWork5X.  There is no information anywhere else on the internet.

    My iWork5x would not turn on at all last week.  Plugging in the AC charger, I noticed a clicking sound coming from the mother board.  Leaving it plugged in for days had no effect, clicking continued but still would not turn on.  Attempting to charge through the USB C port had no success but no clicking.

    Removing the back, I checked for voltage on the 10 pin battery connector showed no voltage between any pin with the charger not attached.  With the charger attached there was 3.9 V between pairs of red and black wires. That didn’t change with time.  Battery is labeled as 7.6 V.

    In desperation, I peeled back the black paper on the top of the battery to expose the battery control PCB.  The two input wires to the PCB (from the battery cells) had a voltage of ~5.6 V.  I suspect the controller had gone into protection mode, isolating the battery cells from the laptop.  I used a bench top power supply to directly charge the cells following this guideline .  (Doubling the voltages to get full charge voltage of 8.2 V).

    The laptop now works.

    Is this what Cube engineers intentionally designed?  If not, what else is one supposed to do?  I search the internet and there is no where to buy a replacement battery even if that were the “recommended” procedure.  Situation is similar to my previous post about lack of replacement keyboards.

    In hindsight I was too sanguine about buying relatively expensive electronics directly from China.  I thought, “everything is made in China anyway, why not save money”

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