Battery Life and usb type-c charging?

Battery Life and usb type-c charging?

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    I am evaluating to use the Thinker as a primary desktop (always on, always plugged) as the specs are nice and just fine for office tasks (specially with linux!) but I’ve a few concerns about battery life as I will be having it always plugged so i’m afraid of quick degrading.

    So far I have noted that if I connect my charger (Xiaomi type c 45w) when battery is 98% or 99% the charging red led will just be on for a few seconds then after that it will go off but battery % won’t decrease nor increase and in case the type-c charger starts to charge the battery at a lower % (less than 95% or so) in this scenario, similarly, it will hit 100% and then led goes off as well.

    I assume the Thinker is doing battery bypass after the led goes off when charging with the type-c charger? If thats the case, is it correct to assume that if kept plugged to the type-c charger instead of the normal AC charger then the battery life would have a longer life?

    Any thoughts regarding this would be appreciated!



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