Best 12" Tablet for Business

Best 12" Tablet for Business

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    What is the best 12″ tablet for Business,

    1. 12″
    2. Minimum 64 GB memory + 4 GB Ram
    3. Good performance
    4. HD or higher
    5. Dual OS (Win 10 + Android)
    6. Good WIFI connectivity
    7. Stylus is preferable but not a must
    8. Expandable memory is preferable

    Please give me some recommendations

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    First recommendations that came to mind, as reviwed by Chris, are:

    1. Chuwi Hi12:
      Performances might be lighter (atom x5)
      Can expand storage through microSD and USB Flash

      Other possibilities (but without all requirements)

    2. Cube i9
      Better performances (Core M), but only windows
    3. Cube iWork12:
      Windows only too, atom x5

    I know other companies have such products, but they all seem to make different trade offs.

    Namizad Nazarov
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    Any new ideas?

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    Chuwi Hi12 is on sale now at Gearbest for about $225.  I ordered one, a keyboard, stylus and leather cover for < $300 shipped.  Intel X5 Z8300 performance is ok for my use case (book reader, light web/email.)  I bought it for the thinness and big screen.  The accessories were kind of an afterthought, I’ll probably find a ‘real’ computer if I need a keyboard for any length of time.  Not having seen it yet, so I’ve no idea how it’s going to work out, but if it performs as well as a Teclast X98 Plus II I’ll be happy (for the money)





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    Domestic systems have started to be released quite recently. Initially, they were used in large enterprises only, but today they can be plugged-in in any enterprise, regardless of its size. The use of allows to significantly cut corners on costs in the IT-support field since many separate softwares for working with finance, warehouse, office, and logistics are unnecessary after the implementation.

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