Best deal on a Mavic 2 here at 2019.

Best deal on a Mavic 2 here at 2019.

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    Hey guys,

    Its a jungle to get an overview of which China sellers has either EU stock or perhaps handle EU taxing and where you can get the best deal on a Mavic 2 here as of Januar 2019.. both Mavic 2 Zoom or Pro would be on the table.

    Sofar the best deals is 999 USD for the Mavic 2 Zoom from China + the risk of insane taxing and it will likely be around +33% to 50% on top of that from Danish tax.

    or a Mavic 2 Zoom from Poland stock to 1230 + 20 USD shipping to Denmark. so around 1250USD total. inside EU, but that deal (stock) has just these last days been sold out..

    If anybody has some insight about good china offerings on Mavic 2 Zoom or pro. when you based in EU.. please let me know.IM asking here as many of the users here seems to be on call with the best coupons or offerings.

    I reckon both of the above is the China version, but it doesn’t seem like there is any cons from an EU use-case scenario to be getting the China version to be used in EU as its also 5km limit in EU.

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