Bios + Win10 Multi-Language File

Bios + Win10 Multi-Language File

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    I have an X2 Pro on order from Gearbest (avoid them, they really suck with delivery times!) so I thought I would hunt around for the latest bios etc.

    After translating various pages and setting up a baidu account (nightmare) I have got hold of the latest X2 PRO (Model E8V3) bios and multi-language Win10 install from Teclast.

    Package was released at the end of November 2015 so I would hope mine is already running it.

    Im in the process of uploading it to my own server to save the 1 day + its taken to download from the Chinese servers but bare in mind its 8gb+ in size.

    As far as I understand you need a usb stick with fat32 and extract the zip to the root.  It appears to be an image so you will likely lose all data when using it.

    Post will be updated with the link once transfer complete.

    I managed to get hold of a 256gb ssd to put in mine so my plan is to simply remove the 64gb and replace with this then run this update.


    Original filename was called – X2 PRO (E8V3)-Win10多语言-V2.1版安装文件(images+winpe) but shortened for downloading due to ftp refusing foreign characters.


    Installation instructions – For new and existing SSD – WARNING YOU WILL LOSE ALL DATA!!!!

    1: Format USB Stick with Fat32 – Make sure you label the USB Stick Winpe (if not it will fail to install)
    2: Copy contents of download folder to root of USB
    3: Press F7 when tablet is starting up which brings up the boot menu
    4: Select your USB drive
    5: Make a cup of tea and wait – its all automatic from here

    OPTIONAL pre-install.

    In bios go to save menu and select load efi shell. Type timezone -s 0:00 to set the locale of the machine to UK.


    Maurizio Pasquino
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    I tuoi link non funzionano.

    puoi inserirli di nuovo ‘




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    why I should update the bios? Something doesn’t work?


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    I am waiting for my tablet, thank you so much for the files, but can you elaborate on the “As far as I understand you need a usb stick with fat32 and extract the zip to the root.” Thank you in advance.


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    After I create the flash drive I should just boot from it? Right ? (and thank you very very very much for the files)


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    Im still waiting for my tablet to arrive but I think there should be a service menu or option in bios to update from the usb stick.  Ill try to find the instructions but they are all in chinese and doesnt translate brilliantly.


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    Tablet has come and I have installed the new 256gb, thermal mod and run this file.  Which works perfectly.

    I figured it out myself and OP updated with instructions.


    Jakob Schmidt Rasmussen
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    Thanks a lot for the share 🙂 highly appreciated,  i am in the moment downloading the files, just to have on hand if needed, it can be quite a hazzle to find these chinese original bootkernels in foreign text..




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    Hello  *FIXED*

    When istalling it on default SSD, an error occurs. I followed your instructions, the name of the USB is “WINPE”, but this is what appears:

    The wrong diskette is in the drive
    Insert %2 (Volume serial Number: %3) into drive %1
    “Faild to copy Winre.wim to r:\Recovery\WindwosRE”

    An error has been detected

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


    I made the partitions with Windows oficial usb and then I install this image, and worked. Misteries of windows…

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