BMAX X14 vs Jumper EZbook X3 pro

BMAX X14 vs Jumper EZbook X3 pro

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    Hello Folks, this is my first post here so i don’t know if an introduction is necessary or not, so i post it at the end of the message

    The point here I want to discuss is the choice between the bmax x14 and the jumper x3 pro.

    I know that the review pointed out that the similarities are quite strong and the products are overlapping but I just want to know exactly what do you think, especially by first hand experience.

    In my opinion the foremost qualities are screen, touchpad and keyboard (basically your input device), while i put behind performance, weight and other stuff.

    So please tell us what do you think.

    Thank you

    About me: i’m look for a replacement for my trusted thinkpad t420 and a backup trekstor c11 (intel n3350……terrible cpu) into 1 single piece as my main work PC. I do office job so no gpu needed but i surely need strong multitasking support for 2 email clients and multiple applications. The thinkpad is marvellous but is heavy to hold&carry and battery doesn’t last much… so at the end productivity is affected because is not always at hand or everywhere. The trekstor is a good machine for its price but battery life isnt great, keyboard is poor and last but not least the cpu is so slow u can take a coffe while it opens the browser; good only for watching movies or very light tasks.

    Do you think that a jumper can solve this problem?

    I’m not buying a thinkpad just because i dont like the marketing strategy and product design, i cant stand modern thinkpad after the t420, for me are silly priced and not in line with brand history.



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