BMAX Y13 problem speakers-audio W10 2004

BMAX Y13 problem speakers-audio W10 2004

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    Hey there!

    I have a BMAX Y13 (H2M1) since January,  in the two last months after I updated to Windows 10 2004 I’m having several issues. Some of them I could  solve by doing a clean W10 installation, updating again the drivers and waiting for W10 patchs.

    But here’s the annoying problem that I couldn’t resolve, my speaker sounds good for a while and suddenly it crashes and I can only hear noise because instead of the audio it is crackling, it sounds like farts.

    I tried to disable audio enhancements, change to generic Microsoft audio driver, update Realtek driver but nothing worked. Another important thing about this issue is that when it happens the Bluetooth also breaks down, I attach an screenshot of the Device Manager. In this one,  the Bluetooth hardware is the one in the USB section with problems and the speaker seems to be ok for Windows but it doesn’t work.

    Also I tried to run Linux Mint on a USB, and happened the same, worked fine for some minutes and then broke down. Moreover, on Linux Mint I couldn’t use the trackpad, only the touchscreen.

    This is driving me crazy because I can’t use  it for study, if I have a YouTube video on the lesson I can’t listen to it.

    Ah, another thing, when this happens (the speaker and the Bluetooth breaks down) the device doesn’t shut down or reboot correctly. It appears the blue screen of the shut down/reboot process, then go to black but the Power LED remains on. So I have to force shut down by pressing the power button for a seconds, wait some minutes  and try to turn on. When finally it turns on, the power led switches on for a moment, then switch esoff and seconds later it switches on again and the laptop begins to run.

    If anyone solved it or know how to do please help me, I don’t know what to do. Or if someone is running this W10 version without problems it would be really helpful if he/she can provide me the ISO image for doing a clean install.

    Thank you in advance

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