Boot from USB / Install Windows 10 Clean Installation

Boot from USB / Install Windows 10 Clean Installation

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    Daniel Denk
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    Hi Guys,

    I wanted to install windows 10 by clean installation.

    But I am not able to boot from any USB stick, do you have a tipp?

    (Like BIOS Settings)?

    I normally press “ESC” and go to the Boot manager but I just have the default options (Windows Boot Manager or UEFI Shell)…

    Thanks for your help.

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    excuse, I became upgrade “Windows 10 Anniversary ” use. The system is again provided, it will become only the personal files to keep

    Daniel Denk
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    What do you mean with your post?


    I want to know how to boot from USB… for new and clean windows installation…

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    Hello there all,

    This one is for the USB windows installation.

    Use the Microsoft media creator tool. This prepares the USB drive and boot options better than Rufus and others. I had a whole day of booting to bios with keyboards and mouse connected only for it not to boot into the install. Even tried DVD driven hooked up. Nothing.


    Here’s what I did to a rotor tablet with no driver support from website.

    Media creator prep on another machine.

    Then hook up USB flash drive, keyboard, mouse. Boot up and delete once keyboard light comes on.

    Change bios order to uefi boot from USB flash drive and save , reboot.

    Now the installation will boot to the first screen.

    Once allmis up and installed we then need the extra drivers to be installed that were not on the installation phase.

    With internet connection:Device manager – update any drivers that are listed as not installed and update via windows option let windows check online etc…….

    There will be no touch ad of yet!

    Any missing drivers (ie)”ISP camera” will then be installed using the goodix driver from my teclast windows ten tablet. There are 32 bit drivers for windows ten on github also named


    The camera driver gets installed by :

    Update driver and let me choose what file etc and find HID compatible devices and have disk – load the file from the drivers iascam or something like that. Now the camera driver will install.

    Same for the touch if it is not in the device list add it using the previous method and use HID COMPLIANT TOUCH SCREEN file and then update to goodix.

    All working ! This was off the top of my head from memory so I apologise for some vague instructions.


    Regards deegee




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    Greetings deegee.

    Many thanks for the detail procedures on re-installing windows 10.

    1. Any advice on re-activating windows?
    2. Does it fix the problem of not booting into windows when doing a factory reset?
    3. Do you encounter the problem of high pitch noise when charging the battery?

    Best regards,


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