Bright spot on Cube i9 screen

Bright spot on Cube i9 screen

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    I just received my Cube i9 tablet today.

    I was happy I did not witness any of the issues mentioned here, however after a while I noticed
    – one stuck pixel
    – one bright spot area in the screen.

    The bright spot is mostly only visible on a white background, but I spend most of my tablet time with documents and webpages, so now that I’ve noticed it, it really bothers me.

    Is this adequate justification for returning a tablet for replacement, what do you think? (the effect is actually more pronounced than in the photos, just can’t get a good picture of it)

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    That is very unlucky, out of all my tablets I have brought and reviewed I don’t think I have even had a stuck or dead pixel. Should be good grounds for a replacement if it really bothers you.

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    For me too, this is the first time I’ve had a dead pixel on a tablet screen from China.

    I don’t really mind that much about the dead pixel, it doesn’t bother me as much, but the bright spot is really tickling my nerves, my eyes keep focusing on it continuously every time I scroll the screen etc.

    I have emailed Banggood, hope they can send me a new one….and I’m really hoping they would agree sending it as soon as I provide evidence of returning the current one..
    …I don’t want to spend another 1,5-2 months without a tablet again, specially in the summer that I need it the most (summer will be almost over actually by the time I receive the new one..3-4 weeks for the package to arrive and for them to pick it up and another 3-4 weeks for delivery)

    And the most annoying thing is that I ordered the Cube i9 because I had to send the Cube i7 Stylus back due to wavering battery (battery wear building up fast), and they had to make me wait before the got new stock..
    …so I’ve been without a tablet since early May…

    …and after I ordered the Cube i9, the Cube i7 Book came out with Dual Band Wifi and I am already stuck with i7 accessories I can’t use with i9…and now the Cube i9 is also kinda problematic…

    Can’t catch a break it seems

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