Brightest full-HD windows tablet with full USB3 bandwidth?

Brightest full-HD windows tablet with full USB3 bandwidth?

TechTablets Forums General General Discussion Brightest full-HD windows tablet with full USB3 bandwidth?

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    Hi guys,

    I’m looking for a cheap full-HD Windows tablet with an unusually bright screen.  I need to use it as a camera monitor outdoors, so as bright as possible to cope with sunlight.

    Cheap is important, so an older tab with basic specs is fine, just needs to be IPS (or OLED) and have full USB3 bandwidth (single port is fine).

    (ages ago I had a Surface 2 Pro which didn’t supply the full USB3 bandwidth, so my HDMI capture cards didn’t work.)

    Any suggestions?


    Chris G
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    Hi, didn’t mention in the email. But also the Alldocube Mix Plus, Core M3 7Y30 with a full-speed USB 3.0 and that same Surface Pro 2 screen with wacom stylus support. Just looks a bit dated now but still a good tablet.

    They are selling for about $333 now on sale here without the keyboard and about the same price as weaker Gemini Lake laptops or tablets.

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    Chuwi Hi13?

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    thanks for the pointers guys, seems like the screen brightness of those is in the 450-480nits range, which is quite good.  Has anyone ever seen a brighter screen, eg. an HDR one that actually is brighter?  It’s tricky filming in sunlight (though I could also get a smaller tablet and just build a sunscreen around it.


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    So after a lot of research I settled on a used Dell 7285 2-1 (tablet only).  I haven’t actually got it yet, but what’s great for me is that:

    • it’s supposed to be ~490cdm2 ( with an anti-reflective coating that should help outdoors
    • a 2880 x 1920 screen that can show two full 1080p images 1:1 in portrait orientation (I shoot 3D with two cameras)
    • 2 USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 (handy)
    • and has a dual-core CPU that, while not super-fast, is still way faster than Gemini Lake or even Core M3 chips.
    • passively cooled (no fans)
    •  cheaper 2nd-hand than the laptops/tablets with bright screens (and slower CPUs) you mentioned.
    •  and as it’s Dell you can get local spares and support.

    The downsides are that although the keyboard for it looks cool, it’s super-expensive (even 2nd hand).  And battery life isn’t that great apparently (although one version of the keyboard has an extra battery on-board).

    I’ll let you know how it works out in practice.  Will look to DIY ruggedize it.


    TnF TnF
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    How much did you bought it for? Used? How’s the battery life?


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    used (eBay), very good condition/battery health, tablet & PSU only £280 UKP (~365 USD).  That was a good deal for a UK based one.

    The optional keyboard for it (some have an extra battery) are really expensive though.

    I haven’t had the chance to test general battery life, only for my own use case (which is a resource-hungry app that constantly captures from 2 HDMI cards and displays the frames via D3D).  With that it’s good not great, but good enough for what I need.  Can’t give exact figures yet, but I’d say 2-3 hours on that app (TBC).  Lighter use should get you quite a bit more.  Check out the reviews.

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