BTW the Winbook keyboard works with the iWork 11 only about $20

BTW the Winbook keyboard works with the iWork 11 only about $20

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    I wanted to get a keyboard that used the pogo pins on the iWork 11 but didn’t want to spend $50 some odd dollars on it so I use the WinBook 5 pin pogo keyboard instead.

    I’ve fully tested it all the keys work without doing anything to software or the keyboard itself.

    You do have to physically modify the keyboard itself since the placement holes don’t match up and the magnets on the keyboard repel the tablet.

    The way I fixed it was I took a hot knife and cut off the original plastic post-nibs and sanded the areas flat then I placed them inside the tablet holes and placed a little super glue on the outer end lined them up to the keyboard so the plastic nibs would stick in the right spots, I then marked them and cut those areas out and melted it smooth with a hot paper clip.

    you can lift up the plastic like in my picture to get at the magnets and pull them out with some tweezers to rotate them so they attract the magnets in the tablet.

    I made some metal posts out of some thick jewelry wire and hot glue gunned them into the keyboard as new post for the iWork 11 tablet.

    The only quirk is in Android swiping the mouse pad right to left launches the contacts app and swiping left to right is like hitting the back button. Not sure if that’s just me or not. In Windows 10 mode there is nothing unusual. Other then that the keyboard works 100%.

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    Great find and mod info to get it working!

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