Can Not recommend Onda

Can Not recommend Onda

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    Last October I purchased a 919 Air from Onda

    I asked for English, they sent it in Chinese.

    I asked for an Australian plug, they sent a USA one.

    I asked that they make sure it had Google installed, it didn’t.

    Not long after receipt it died.

    In early December 2015 I returned it under warranty.

    Onda Tablet acknowledged receipt in late December.

    In Jan I was told it had been repaired and was on the way back to me.

    I asked for tracking details.

    And I keep asking for tracking details.

    Each time I ask, this is their reply.


    Thank you for your mail.

    We got your message and will update tracking number for you soon.

    Have a nice day.

    Best Regards
    Onda Support Center

    Any question about Onda tablet, please contact us.

    I have been forced to get my bank involved to start a charge back.

    This POS cost me $270 AU.

    You can take my advice on not to use Onda or not, if you do have problems, at least you can’t say you were not warned.

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