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    I really like the style of case where the front face of the tablet isn’t obstructed, like the one for the Chuwi Hi12. The only ones I’ve found for the Cube i7 Book so far are the faux leather that obstruct the front face a lot. Are there any other options available?

    TheCharles P. Williams
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    Yes i order two off aliexpress both wrap around the front, pity.

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    Just to bump this thread, I’d also be quite interested in case options – especially those with some sort of stand functionality for those of us who don’t have the keyboard dock.


    Does anyone know if cases for the Surface Pro/ Pro 2 could work? As far as I understand they have a very similar size? I vaguely remember even seeing a comment along those lines, possibly even here in the forum, but couldn’t find it anymore.


    Any advice welcome!

    Patrick Owens
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    Anyone has a case for this cube i7 book?

    With these cases can you use a keyboard ?

    Thanks a lot

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    The ocube case can be used with the stylus, but is not closing perfectly

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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