CashConverters cant beat that!

CashConverters cant beat that!

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    Cash Converters just went from good to awesome.
    Search the inventory from whole Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands and wherever else they are located.
    Find what you like, sometimes things are on sale like right now with good slashed prices.
    You get:
    FREE delivery
    14 days to try and like it or you MONEY BACK
    FREE returns

    for Spain it is

    Sometimes the people who price the product make a mistake and have the wrong model number as happened to me with a Panasonic camera
    So you need to watch the features and pictures closely and you can get a real bargain with an awesome warranty.

    I found a beautiful Sony Laptop what croaked after I put it through some stress tests and it was within the 14 day window.
    A few weeks after I send it back for free I had my full money back on the account.

    I just ordered an Asus-ux31e (one of the first gorgeous designed ultrabooks) with an I5 2557M and 256GB SSD, over 400 nit bright screen, silent fan, Bang and Olufsen speakers for less than 230 Euro
    From the processorĀ  power it is similar to the n3450 what is fast enough for my tasks.
    It comes with windows 10 but ran originally on windows 7 and that I will put back on.

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    Need Help?
    1981 soldered my first Sinclair computer 1K, tapedeck * 1984 build and sold IBM clones 8Mhz, 512K, 20MB HDD * 2018 messing with ultrabooks

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