Charging with usb C powerbank?

Charging with usb C powerbank?

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    Hii all,

    Anyone here that ordered the hi13 and have a quick charge 3.0 powerbank or a powerbank that support 12v/2A?

    I wonder if it should work and i can just order one or maybe its better to wait for some buyers feedback.

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    I am waiting on a powerbank i ordered it suppose to be 12v 2 a i will see if the hi13 charges with that as of right now the only way i can charge the hi13 is with the supplied power adapter if anyone finds any way of charging other than using the powerbrick it came with lemme know



    ps i will keep you updated if the power bank i ordered works just waiting on the arrival of the powerbank


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    Can you provide link for us?

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    Hmm, this is not a powerbank, and anyway, it says its 5v max. its will not work…

    I wonder if this guy will work:

    It supports 12v 2a.



    Chris G
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    Yes, it has to be 2 amps or over for it to work and of course 12volts. All my quick charge 3 power banks only output 1.25A max so it looks like it’s charging my Hi13, but slowly loses power.

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    Chris did you notice if its charging at all?

    I mean if you let it getting charged from the powerbank with the screen off while its in ”low power” consumption.

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    On the Topic of USB type c charging, this is a useful read with an extensive analysis of many available chargers


    The Best USB-C Chargers of 2016: What’s Safe and What’s Dangerous?

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    Hmm, this is not a powerbank, and anyway, it says its 5v max. its will not work… I wonder if this guy will work: It supports 12v 2a.

    I bought it’s bigger brother, the PowerCore Speed 20000. and it doesn’t work. specs are dubious…
    <ul data-reactid=”458″>
    <li data-reactid=”468″><span class=”_3iQ93lzotW” data-reactid=”469″>Output :</span><span data-reactid=”470″>5-8 V 3 A , 8-10 V 2.4 A , 10-12 V 2 A</span>

    in fact with 12V it is delivering 2/12*10 V which amounts to about 1.5A. and the powerbank cuts out after a minute.

    what is more, when I try to charge my Chuwi HI13 with the wall charger, it still doesn’t charge… ??


    • <span class=”_3iQ93lzotW”>Quick Charge 3.0 Output :</span>5-8V ⎓ 3A / 8-10V ⎓ 2.4A / 10-12V ⎓ 2A
    • <span class=”_3iQ93lzotW”>Standard Output :</span>V ⎓ 2A
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    I replaced my original charger for this one

    My original charger for the Hi13 stopped working in the first 2 weeks. Couldn’t get in touch with the seller because of Chinese holiday so I took a shot and bought this one from Amazon rather than wait a month or more. It has many output frequencies including 12v 2a. Works great, maybe even better than the original. I wasn’t timing it but I quite sure it charged faster. I will need to test further. So happy. I thought the tablet was dead.

    I don’t see why a powerbank that outputs 12v 2a wouldn’t work. The type-c cable you use could be a factor too. I know my Galaxy Note 8 will not charge properly with another type-c cable I have that’s actually thicker than the original. I thought it would work better because of that. Silly me.

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