Cheap laptop for casual minecraft gaming

Cheap laptop for casual minecraft gaming

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    Hi Folks,

    I’m looking to buy my son (6years) a cheap durable laptop, I have just two req. it should have IPS FHD and it should run minecraft (not pocket edition) decent, by decent I mean 20-30fps, I was looking forth and back between many of the Chinese brands, m0st of them today even in the sub 200$ offer a 8GB RAM, that is very good, but where I get lost are the CPU’s, I understand most of the cheap laptops use either old architecture, or very low power CPU’s, I dont need a gaming machine, I’m just looking for a nice screen, and enough performance to get minecraft playable, any entry level laptop suggestions?

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    The Chuwi lapbook pro would be your best bet right now. Try to get the 256GB SSD 8GB ram version.

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    I’m using the same Chuwi lap book. It’s cheap but satisfied with my needs! For me important that all my games work in the full version and I can install some apps that I use. For example this one I use often and must be working well!

    Sendy smith
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    You can buy Dell G3 15 Gaming Laptop for gaming.. it’s budget friendly 🙂 or you can check this website for more gaming laptops 🙂

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