Chinese "Find" Dual boot 10" tablet

Chinese "Find" Dual boot 10" tablet

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    Hello All,

    My first post on here so go easy on me please 🙂   I have a 10″ CherryTrail dual boot tablet, the only clue I have to it’s origin is the

    bootscreen which says “Find” and then some (I assume) Chinese characters.  I screwed it up by trying to change the partition sizes, it has a 32Gb eMMC,

    which I believe is fairly usual.  Anyway, I have reinstalled Windows 10 and everything works EXCEPT the Touchscreen. There must be thousands of

    people out there thinking “another one”. It has a Silead chip I believe, the HW ID is   VEN_MSSL&DEV_1680   which I also believe is quite common.

    The screen registers touches, but nowhere near where I am actually touching it.  I can use the Win 10 calibrate tool and it appears to work but it doesn’t actually change anything after I save the calibration data.  Does anyone have a reasonable understanding of this chip and how it interacts with Windows? Or is there a utility which displays the raw data coming from the chip? I assume that there must be a file which holds the calibration data, anyone know where this file is?

    Any and all help appreciated.

    TIA   Dave.


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