Chuwi does not charge!

Chuwi does not charge!

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    I had to make an account just to add to this.


    I just received my Chuwi Hi 10 Pro tablet today and was dissapointed to find that it would not charge which led me to researching all of these posts and this one in particular is where my problem lied and I had no idea.


    When you slide in the USB-C charger and it doesn’t charge, look to see if any metal is showing (even if you feel it’s in all the way already). I swore I had it all the way in but it just wasn’t working, there should be NO metal showing, the plastic ¬†around the charger cable should be up against the frame firmly in place, I got aggrivated with it and forced it in and to my surprise that’s how I found this fix.



    If you are using the default charger check for any metal pieces which may prevent it from sliding all the way in, the port goes deeper than you think but it’s cheaply made so it may not fit all the way at first.




    Let me know if this helped anyone else, I’m curious to see if it was really this simple for most people.


    I would also like to add that I am using the stock charger that came with the tablet.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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