Chuwi Hi10 – Blue Screen of Death Problem

Chuwi Hi10 – Blue Screen of Death Problem

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    I bought Chuwi Hi10 tablet in April at GearBest and received it in May. Tablet (& Windows 10) started normally, I was using it for let say half an hour and then blue screen of death appeared. Tablet restarted and after some time again blue screen….and so on and so on. I decided to reinstall Windows. I had to run installation few times as I was getting blue screen during installation. At last the installation got through, but again after some minutes of usage, blue screen.

    Then I had decided to (re)flash bios and I somehow bricked my tablet. So I did research and bought CH341A programmer (with 1.8V adapter and sop8 test clips). Last week I received all parts and was able to flash bios with programmer quite/surprisingly smoothly. I flashed (official) bios from Chuwi forum: Chuwi Hi10 BIOS for Serial Number 4216020001-42160XXXX

    After that (unbricked) tablet finally turned on, but I still had to install Windows. I have been trying to do that ever since and still I always get blue screen on some point:

    • I tried to install Windows 10 from Chuwi forum: Chuwi Hi10 Windows10 system X64 for serial number Hi10 421602000001-42160XXXX
    • I tried with two USB flash drives: one fat32, other ntfs
    • I tried with one USB flash driver: ntfs
    • I tried with charging cable pluged and unpluged
    • I tried with flash drive in USB3 port and in USB2 port
    • I tried with keyboard connected and not connected
    • I charged tablet for a day and then tried

    Everytime blue screen in the middle of installation.

    I tried to to install Windows 10 downloaded with Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool and after few tries succeeded. But then when in Windows (I was installing drivers downloaded from Chuwi forum: Chuwi Hi10(x64) Drivers)) again blue screen -> restart -> blue screen…

    Interesting thing is that message on blue screen shows different errors: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA,  BAD_POOL_HEADER, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED

    My Chuwi Hi10 tablet serial number: Q64G42160204600

    Can you help me? What might be the problem? Is it software or hardware? What can I do?

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