Chuwi Hi13 or another tablet?

Chuwi Hi13 or another tablet?

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    Hi all

    New member here and just had a quick question regarding Chuwi HI 13.

    I have been looking for a large but cheap tablet just for surfing internet, watching videos and reading pdf and taking notes with a pen and nothing else to be honest. I already have a surface pro but I needed  a larger screen. Really wanted a 15″ tablet but apart from surface book 2 which is very very very expensive I cant find much else.

    I started to look for a Chinese tablet a large one and this is the best i could find. I just want a throw around tablet around the house really but would of loved a 15″ tablet if anybody knows any large tablets please do let me know.

    ok onto my main questions, I am dead set on this chiwi Hi 13 and just wanted to know something, on a youtuve video I saw a comment regarding a new version of this tablet, ie a chuwi HI 35 or something with newyer Intel core M y  processors.


    is this correct and when will it be released?

    also what is the support like from Chuwi regarding faults and warranty repair, i am assuming its non existent?

    Thanks all


    Kyle Battle
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    Hi and welcome.  I’ve not heard of the HI 35, are you talking about the Corebook? I saw that on Indiegogo, 13.3″ Core-M 7Y30 here.  Regarding support, I only have experience with Chinese sellers like Banggood, I’ve never gone straight to manufacturers so can’t tell you anything there.  Sellers have been pretty responsive in my experience, for example I’m shipping back a laptop for warranty repair right now.  The only problem is shipping costs, you typically have to work out a deal with them to cover all or part of that cost.  That’s the price of buying from China I suppose.


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    Thank you for the advice, that is a down side of buying from china. But i really need a throw around tablet and the one you provided to was almost perfect.

    So frustrating the chineese just cant seem to get tablet specification correct, they alwasy doing something strange.

    that corebook was almost perfect Except one thing that 1080p resolution, after you go higher resolution of a microsoft surface book you juts cant go back to 1080p. Its easier to read on much higher resolutiuon screen.

    I would of bought that corebook right now, such a shame.

    I am still looking for a tabket with

    13.5″-13.5″ plus screen with at least 2k resolution

    8GB ram

    128gb HD at minimum

    Good digital pen and support,


    anybody know of anything being released?

    cant believe what chuwi did, how can you have Chuwi 13 with such a lovely screen and resolution and not just put that into the new corebook.




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    lastic or metal, doesn’t matter, have Hi12 with both plastic and metal keyboard, HiBook Pro with metal keyboard, my next Chuwi tablet will be with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse


    see: , &</span&gt;

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