Chuwi Hi8 Micro sd card slot problem

Chuwi Hi8 Micro sd card slot problem

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    Have someone else similiar problem to me. I cant read any micro sd card. I checked on card 16/32/64gb sandisk/kingston/Ld data/Toshiba Class 4 and class 10.

    This is new tablet i received yesterday.

    All cards is read by otg on windows and android. Not read by micro sd slot on windows and android)

    Where is the problem?

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    Many others have reported the same issue. Every time I leave Android and switch OS back to Windows, the microSD card reader disappears.

    I found a workaround on Reddit. It was for the Chuwi Vi8, but it seems the Hi8 has the same issue.

    To get it back, do the following:

    When Windows boots up, immediately shut down Windows (not restart.) This can be done from the login screen. It isn’t necessary to log in to Windows.

    Turn the device back on using the power button, wait for Windows to boot up again and then log in as normal.

    You should see your SD card again.

    Basically, you need to do a cold reboot of Windows, not just a restart.

    It’s an annoyance, but it seems to work.

    It only seems to be a problem when switching from Android back to Windows. Switching from Windows to Android seems fine.

    Credit goes to Reddit user zrikz for this workaround.

    Hope it helps.

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    I’ve just worked out a slightly quicker workaround.

    When switching from Android back to Windows, don’t use the switch OS button.

    Instead, power off the device (press and hold the power button until you see the Power Off menu. Tap ‘Power Off.’).

    Then when the device is off, hold the volume-down button and (while holding that) press the power button. You should see two icons, one Windows icon, and one Android icon. Press the volume-up button to choose Windows (the chosen icon will be flashing) and then press the power button. Windows should boot without a problem and when you log in, the microSD card should be working.

    It’s still not ideal, but it’s less time consuming an extra cold reboot.

    Michael V Tice
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    Obviously, this is still an issue. The above workarounds do not work for me. It would seem that this almost certainly has to be a driver issue, but you cannot fix it if you don’t know what brand sd card reader is built into the tablet. How can I find this information? I thought it was Realtek, but the latest Realtek driver does nothing to resolve this. It’s also blatantly obvious that we will never see a solution from Chuwi. They don’t even respond intelligibly to posts on their site.

    If you have Windows 10 on your Chuwi Hi8 and the sd card slot works, please consider posting up your windows build number, your sd card reader information and what if anything you did to get it to work. (Please, not the workaround solution, but a real one.)


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