Chuwi hi8 modded rom (rooted, twrp, xposed, super battery save…) V2.0

Chuwi hi8 modded rom (rooted, twrp, xposed, super battery save…) V2.0

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    So, a while ago a user posted a permanent installation of TWRP and a modified rom here. he soon removed it without explanation. but, thanks to the activity feed all is saved, including the unedited text. here it is in all it’s glory, (i haven’t had time to check it out but i will soon).


    Hi everybody!

    Very sorry for my English, i hope someone can test and make new guide or support people if have requests…

    This is my first modded rom for Chuwi Hi8, info:
    – Based on the original rom.
    – Rooted and SuperSU installed.
    – Language is English, have no google account, you have to add and change everything like new installation, except that the android was tweaked.
    – Installed Xposed and modules needed to add features that android is missing (as % battery on the status bar, add the contents of QuickSettings, add the Clear All button in Recent apps … and many other hidden features to save battery & tweak android). You can open Xposed_Installer manually and add other modules as needed.
    – Only app / modules related to the system is installed, for the popular app on the Play Store you can install them by yourself.
    – If you want to save more battery life: switch Airplane mode when working or gaming offline (does not require wifi), disable synchronization accounts and reopen once a day or when needed, turning off the screen with the sleep function rather than just off-screen > double-click on the status bar on the screen will turn off & switch to sleep mode, don’t worry because everything will be normal after reopen screen.
    – Want to enter TWRP recovery: use Reboot Recovery app.


    Download Rom

    & TWRP

    1/ To use this rom, you must flash TWRP for chuwi Hi8, see how to do that here:
    Follow guide and be sure you can boot into TWRP recovery (use Recovery Reboot app).

    @ If you can’t enter above link of the guide, don’t worry, just download “twrp_chuwi_hi8.7z” from Google Drive folder > extract to computer’s hard drive > connect Chuwi hi8 to PC (make sure Chuwi already set Usb debug is enabled and Windows detected the tablet while connecting) > navigate to “twrp_chuwi_hi8” folder and run recovery. bat (Run as Administrator) > waiting for Chuwi reboot, flashed and reboot again to twrp recovery. Very simple, you don’t need to enter any command or choice any option to flash TWRP recovery, the revovery.bat just do all. Backup current rom of your tablet if needed at first time enter twrp recovery, better is select “Enable compression” because z3736f is very fine to compress/uncompress, save alot of micro-sd card space.

    2/ Unzip files TWRP_ (use Extract Here).rar by right-click and select Extract Here (of course must have WinRar installed to get “Extract Here” command). Copy folder “TWRP” to the Micro SD card (don’t copy into insternal store of tablet).

    3/ Reboot to TWRP recovery, select Wipe > Advanced > Click on davik + system cache + data > drag the slider to start the wipe. Then return to the main menu of TWRP choose Restore > select the backup you just copied to a memory card (first letters is “2016-04-05–04-40-42….”) > scroll to Restore > Wait until finished, click Reboot > System, boot to android (please don’t wipe after Restored or android will lost all tweaked settings).

    *** Note: before restoring this mod rom, please Backup your current android for can restore back to old stats if mod rom are bad with you (remember to select backup to External store). Once this mod rom uploaded to Google Drive, i was forgot to delete some information line on the lock screen, after restore the rom please change settings to your info.


    Have fun & good luck! ?



    details about it:

    1/ Rooted, SuperSU installed.

    2/ Change theme to LG G4 with lollipop icon and some new effect from s7 lancher.

    3/ Remove useless intel.hdmi service, it drain battery so much with no hdmi port on chuwi hi8.

    4/ Xposed installed with some modules like: 3C Toolbox (all in one tweak tool), Gravity Box (KK) (all in one tweak tool), Adblock (prevent ads), Battery Stats Plus (whatch what app are drain battery, can remove it include system app/service), add battery remain to status bar, add menu on bottom bar, add more settings icon to QuickSettings menu (drop down at top-right of the screen), add more option to Power button (Screenshot, Screen Record, Power off, Air mode, Reboot, Reboot to Recovery…), add douple click to status bar to turn off screen and sleep (you can change wifi keep on while sleep in setting if need, add date/time to center of status bar, add Clear all button to Recent apps, add more option to exclude apps while sleep.

    5/ Lucky Patcher installed, with path to android already, you can buy unlimited coins in some no-mod games, tested with Subway Surf and Talking Tom. You can use Lucky Pacher to force all apps and updates auto user SD Card, not internal store.

    6/ In my new chuwi hi8, battery life time can reach 5h+ for screen opened (oc just facebook, chrome, tweaking system… no games), about 8-10% battery for 30 mins screen on with full apps/games installed (many serivices).

    Just backup your current rom by twrp recovery and try this cook rom, if have bad felling just restore your rom ? I’ m still finding more way to increase the battery life by whatching some useless (or safe to remove) services in system.




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    hey cardinaFang , could u plz tell me how to install xposed ?plz


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    there is a tutorial on the forum, search for it



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    I have a problem with twrp I also get the message “Could not open /sys/devices/virtual/backlight”
    Do you know how i can fix this problem? 🙁


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    Hi Guys,

    i have installed the Rom but running into a WIFI Problem. I cannot turn it on and it is Kind of stuck turning on. I tried mainly everything.

    Factory Reset . also stock Settings wont allow to turn it on again.

    Cache deleted : No success

    Could it be, that my Chuwi Hi8 has another wifi and i Need to install different Drivers?


    please help

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