Chuwi Hi8 Pro bios bootloop + acpi bios error

Chuwi Hi8 Pro bios bootloop + acpi bios error

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    Hello !

    I’ve just received my Chuwi Hi8 Pro, but I have a problem : It bootloop on BIOS…

    I’m in France so I don’t want to return it to China, I prefer try to resolve the problem myself.
    I have see this tutorial to identify serial number … mine is Hi8 PQ 32G 2217 0804327
    and I’ve download here windows to try to re install it :
    (I ve take version for 2216 08xxxxx.)
    I’ve follow instruction (Usb ky named WINPE, formatted in NTFS, windows image unzip in root…)
    It start, but I’ve a message “ACPI BIOS ERROR”.
    Maybe I have not downloaded the good version of windows ?
    Have you an idea ?
    (Sorry for my bad english)
    Thank you !

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    Someone is alive here ?


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    Have you been playing with the settings inside the BIOS?

    1. Unscrew the bottom cover of the laptop
    2. Unplug the main battery connector from the motherboard
    3. Wait for 30 minutes before plugging the battery back in, assemble the laptop again

    This procedure will guarantee a stock reset of the BIOS settings, and it’s the only guaranteed way (using the BIOS itself often doesn’t fully reset all settings for whatever reason). If you continue to get the error with a BIOS reset, this means you’ve a hardware fault and should send the laptop back to the seller.


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    Hello Olly, thanks for your answer.

    Yes I have try some settings change, hoping this will resolve the bootloop.

    But I have restore to defaults.

    I have try an other version of windows for Hi8 from Chuwi, and have another error message.

    So I’ve try with a stock version of windows 10.

    Installation program launch and load, but at the moment for choosing storage to install windows, its detect NO storage… not the memory of 32go, and even not the sd card…

    At this stade, I can load drivers, maybe I must load a storage driver to recognize the memory ? Or that is because the memory is out of order, and that’s why it bootloop on bios ?


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    Sorry I’ve forget : I can’t unplug the battery, it’s welded

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