Chuwi Hi8 Pro Dolby Audio X2 Audio Driver [Windows 10 x86]

Chuwi Hi8 Pro Dolby Audio X2 Audio Driver [Windows 10 x86]

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    Vishnu Das
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    Hi guys, I have ported Dolby Audio X2 (DAX2) audio driver for our Chuwi Hi8 Pro. This is an audio enhancement that can dramatically improve the audio quality of our tablet. As we all know our tablet does not comes with any system wide equalizer or anything, this drawback can be completely fixed by using this audio driver. Before porting this, I was using Equalizer APO (E-APO). But the problem with E-APO was that it doesn’t work with Windows Store apps like Groove Music Player etc. Hence I decided to port an audio enhancement that is integrated with audio driver itself so that the sound effect is applied system wide irrespective of any application. Plus the DAX2 has some cool additional sound effects.

    Steps for installing DAX2 Audio driver

    1. Before installing the new audio driver make sure that the Hardware ID of your “Realtek I2S Audio Codec” begins with “ACPI\10EC” and that of “Intel SST Audio Device (WDM)” begins with “ACPI\808622A8”. If not, then DO NOT proceed.
    2. If you have installed any other audio enhancement software like Equalizer APO, then uninstall it.
    3. Disconnect from the Internet and go to Device Manager. Uninstall the drivers for “Intel SST Audio Device (WDM)” first and then “Realtek I2S Audio Codec”.  Be sure to check “Delete the driver software for this device.” checkbox on the “Confirm Device Uninstall” window. This is important.
    4. Restart your tablet.
    5. Download the DAX2 integrated audio driver from here and unzip it.
    6. Go to Device Manager. There will be two “Unknown Devices”. You have to install the driver for “Realtek I2S Audio Codec” first. To do that right click the first “Unknown Device” and choose Properties. Go to the Details tab and ensure that the Hardware ID begins with “ACPI\10EC”. Now go to the Driver tab and click on “Update Driver” button and browse to the location where you have unzipped the driver. Once the driver is installed choose the second “Unknown Device” from Device Manager and ensure that its Hardware ID begins with “ACPI\808622A8”. Go to the Driver tab and click on “Update Driver” button and browse to the location where you have unzipped the driver. During installation the “Windows Security” alert will popup. Click on the “Install this driver software anyway” option and proceed.
    7.Now that the drivers are installed, we have to install the DAX2 manager application. Go to the unzipped folder and open DAX2 subfolder. Install the applications in following order (Order of installation is important):
    8. Restart your tablet.
    9. The Dolby Audio app can be found in Control Panel. Click on it and accept the license agreement. Plug in a good quality headphone and enjoy 🙂

    In addition to integrating DAX2 enhancement I have also removed the annoying “High volumes can cause hearing loss” popup alert that comes occasionally whenever you try to increase the volume.

    Vishnu Das
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    Here are some screenshots:

    Anthony Witham
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    Thanks works well, top job.

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    Can you also switch the audio channels? You might have noticed, that on the Hi8 Pro left and right channels are swapped…


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    Wow what a difference!!! Just installed it, i thought it would make some difference but was’t expecting this much.

    Thanks a lot for such a detailed tutorial


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