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    Today i receive my Chuwi Hi8 pro so here are my somewhat review and problem:

    The tablet is excellent in term of built, screen, touch screen responsiveness and battery, i manage get more than 5 hours on screen.

    BUT i found out few of the “glitches”

    1, after first charged, the battery meter is stuck at “calculating” (perhaps few windows update might fix this)

    2, the hissing sound if you input headphone jack is there but can be ignore (i think this happen because they using intel driver?)

    3, When in desktop mode, when i wanted to type, the on screen keyboard need to manually put on, which driving me CRAZY!

    other that than im using google chrome as my main browser at the tablet and didn’t find any lag

    now im still thinking if i should remove android on this tablet or not since im not using it.


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    About problem 3. see if this solves your problem: – go to Settings -> Devices, Bluetooth, printers, mouse -> Typing -> turn on the last setting (show the touch keyboard or handwriting panel…..). It should popup the touch keyboard when there is something to type.

    Regarding problem 1. and 2. I have no such problems. My tablet it’s single boot.



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    Thanks nick that solve my problem


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    On second day, I successfully remove android. I will guild you the steps but pls any problem occur or your tablet broke, im not responsible for that, PLEASE make disk back up

    Here what you need:

    Mini Tool Partition Wizard Pro Edition

    Here are the steps:

    1. Open computer management > storage > disk management
    2. Remove all EXCEPT EFI SYSTEM PARTITION, OEM PARTITION, WINDOWS (C:) and File system label as RAW.
    3. Now all you have approx 10.5 GB unlocated disk, leave it as there
    4. Then open Mini Tool Partition Wizard Pro Edition (this will be use until the end of steps)
    5. (for next step, for people who have problem merging/extend their disk where EFI SYSTEM PARTITION is in the middle of your two unalocated disk and windows disk)(if you dont have these problem then continue to step 12)

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    1. Click on EFI SYSTEM PARTITION and open “Move/Resize Partition”. this will move the EFI SYSTEM PARTITION to another location
    2. Drag the EFI SYSTEM PARTITION under size and location to the left or right (depending where is you unalocated disk is put as example my unlocated disk is at the left side, so i drag my EFI SYSTEM PARTITION to the left, just to move my unlocated disk to the WINDOWS (C:)
    3. After you done that, click apply, the software will as to restart, restart the tablet at leave it there. go eat dinner or lunch that gonna take while.
    4. Then you will see your unallocated dish is i align with your WINDOWS (C:).
    5. Before that check your EFI SYSTEM PARTITION, it increase from 100 mb to 300 mb (DONT WORRY!)
    6. Click on EFI SYSTEM PARTITION (again) and split it as smallest as it get (less then 150 mb preferable) and click apply button. IT will required restart (go clean your room or do something)
    7. Format your unallocated disk to NTFS



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    1. after all of that, you can simply merge the unlocated disk with WINDOWS (C:), BUT BE CAREFUL on first prompt windows, it will ask you to SELECT which disk to be merge (select WINDOWS (C:)
    2. Click next and there is another prompt windows, this time select your unallocated disk.
    3. Then click apply, it will ask the tablet to restart leave it and go take long shower.
    4. after everything finish you will have 27.5 gb -28 gb total space.

    Good luck trying.

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