Chuwi HiBook (Remix OS 2.0 + Windows 10)

Chuwi HiBook (Remix OS 2.0 + Windows 10)

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    Chuwi HiBook setup as dual boot Win10 and RemixOS.  Sucks that the video is not in English.

    Looks like it’s running fine though he does not demo a whole lot on the device.  Looks promising.

    Would be interesting to see how the install was done.


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    No mention of Remix on the Gearbest Chuwi HiBook page he linked to on the Youtube vid page.

    Looks like he/they installed it. He links to this page with install directions. You’ll have to use Google Translate.   I wonder it he did this himself or with help from guys over on xda-developers?

    here it is in translated form…


    <i><span class=”goog-text-highlight”>RemixOS</span></i><span class=”goog-text-highlight”> 2.0 We do Hibook for</span><span class=”goog-text-highlight”> beta1 by kostyamat</span>


    <b>Everything you do, you do at your own risk.</b>

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     Reduced by 50%

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    800 x 500 (97.36 KB)



    <b>Download:</b> the https: //….FOu0&ithint=file%2czip
    <b>say thanks to the author. (clickable)</b>

    <b>Based on the assembly B2016050501 for Teclast_X16Plus.

    • Slightly optimized. Losing drain a few hundred balls in Antutu subjectively much smoother.
    • Traditionally, RemixOS, very sparingly consumed battery.
    • It raised the sound level (even too, is looking for a limit). <b>Take care of your speakers and headphones in his ears.</b>
    • Supports startup scripts <b>the init.d</b> (modified bottles)
    • <b>The ROOT, SuperSu, busybox</b> “out of the box”.
    • Implanted support USB-GPS device. (Default setting for Ublox7 VK-172)
    • <b>Main feature</b> – I specifically wrote some scripts, demons and placed in the binary firmware required for Android can mount the flash, microSD, USB-drives <b>(drives, even with multi-partition)</b> file systems: <b>the FAT16, the FAT32, the exFAT, the NTFS , EXT4</b>

    . <b>Installation:</b>


    • <b>Before installation, be sure to update UEFI-BIOS to the latest version, or WiFi will not work.</b>
    • Format the USB flash drive in FAT32, necessarily assigning a flash drive for a name when formatting; copy the contents of the root of the stick to update the BIOS file; download aid with the stick; wait until the end of the BIOS firmware; reboot the machine.
    • In TWRP <b>MANDATORY</b> To make the simple reset date (Just enter the item rekaveri “Cleaning” and drag the slider to the right.).
    • Install ZIP from firmware.
    • Reload this tablet to the system. First start may take up to 10 minutes. Will not be bored, there is a beautiful butanimatsiya:)

    <b>Attention! No special wipes are somehow forced wipe system, data, cache else to do! The script installer will do everything himself!</b>

    <b>Specifics:</b> Firmware natively supports <b>USB-GPS Ublox7 VK-172</b> (at me such, so the way, the whistle himself to buy not recommend – not a fountain..) If you have some other, get in /system/etc/init.d script 00-mount, and the first lines set the physical port and the speed according to their GPS device. No more additional settings need not be (assuming that my kernel contains support for your GPS serial bridge, if not, you’re out of luck.). Hot Plug, alas, is not supported. GPS receiver must be connected before the Android download – that’s a feature GPS support library, and this, without any changes and then recompile libraries can not do anything.
    The firmware has an application to create an extended off menu on the button “Power”, let him . Override system power menu
    also in the firmware, you will find two applications, one designed to calibrate your touch, and the second is designed to increase the responsiveness and sensitivity of the stitch.
    first, <b>TouchRecalibrate</b> – run, click OK, put the plate on the table and click Recalibration, do not touch the touch up the process is finished. After that, the application can be removed.
    Second, <b>TouchScreenBooster</b> – launch the app, select Presets from Super Optimized, click Apply changes …, check the box on the Start service on boot. I do not know, maybe it’s a placebo affect, but it kind of works. <b>Tests and unsubscribe, do not forget to show gratitude. </b><b>You are welcome! </b><b>It is very difficult to do anything without feedback.</b><span class=”edit”> Message edited </span><span class=”edit”><b>kostyamat</b></span><span class=”edit”> – 02/06/2016, 14:30</span>


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    Is it the chuwi hi12?


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    No, they are similar but not exactly the same.  Ports are different, keyboards, prob other things. Go watch/read the reviews and read the spec’s.


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    RemixOS for HiBook work on Hi10 DualOS too, same Firmware/Hardware except touchscreen, we just have to not flashing boot partition (kernel) and use the original of Android for Hi10 by chuwi


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    Do you mean install Remix OS on the Android partition without formatting it, or what?  Did you do do this and it’s working?  How is it done?


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    Do you mean install Remix OS on the Android partition without formatting it, or what? Did you do do this and it’s working? How is it done?

    I’ve published in Hi10 forum how to install TWRP on this tablet. So, with this recovery, do a FUll backup, go to settings and select wipe with “rm -rf” method, then wipe system, and flash RemixOS zip for HiBook, and restore the boot partition backup. 😉

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