Chuwi Lapbook Pro 14.1 Hinge Failure

Chuwi Lapbook Pro 14.1 Hinge Failure

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    The Chuwi Lapbook Pro 14.1 was my second favourite Chinese laptop just behind the Teclast F15 but after some 15 months the left hinge has broken. To be more specific the hinge bracket that is attached to the base has broken away and the four brass inserts have all come out of the lower plastic internal frame. What a great shame, it does put me off buying another. Chuwi really need to do a lot of six sigma process control work around the hinges to ensure they are not too tight. PS. I did try to araldite it (Two pack mix resin) all back together but it gets very messy and any excess seizes the hinge.

    In contrast some of you may have noticed that on the Teclast F15 the hinge is inverted and it appears that a much wider central hinge on the body takes care of the torque from opening and closing. I have used the Teclast F15 for 18 Months and its a fantastic machine.

    Bob UK

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