Chuwi Vi8 Plus problem

Chuwi Vi8 Plus problem

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    Ignacio Ribbeck
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    3 days ago arrived my Chuwi vi8 plus, after the first boot the tablet was turned off unexpectedly with a 40% of battery and not revives. I charged the tablet and all I got was load the BIOS. Then several attempts to access Windows only thing I got was access the menu windows repair. After attempts to repair startup (without success) the tablet went to black without any signs of life (the orange LED not lit) although I put it to charge for hours. Decided to open the tablet and charge the battery manually (showing 2.9V), then charging voltage for an hour up to 4.0V,  but when I returned again the battery soldered to the motherboard, the processor had warmed and I heard a “beep” every 1 second approx from the processor (not the speaker).

    I recorded two videos where I show that when connecting a hub to the tablet, the mouse blinks when I pressing the power button on the tablet



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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