Chuwi VI8 Windows Slow Wakeup from Sleep

Chuwi VI8 Windows Slow Wakeup from Sleep

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    I have a Chuwi VI8. Successfully repartioned to one partion and install only Windows 10 Home 32bit.
    Windows is working fine, apps fine, touch and all other are fine. I just have one minor issues, whenever the tablet goes to sleep for more than 5 minutes, it takes about 5 seconds – 10 seconds to wake up the tablet from sleep. However, if i disabled the Realtek WIFI completely from device manager, the device can wake up fast without any issues.

    I have tried many things as below:

    • turned off or on hibernation completely by powercfg -h off
    • set to keep wifi alive or not, both options also same
    • and many other things as well

    Anyone here face similar issue with me? i have googled around and cant find any answers on this issue.

    sam dam
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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