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    Hey guys

    does anyone with a 5x have coil whine from the left hand side of the keyboard (where the cpu / mainboard is). I’m referring to a high frequency noise (whining / buzzing) which you can hear if you put your ear close to it. seems to be quite prominent when using processor intensive apps like playing youtube videos. a chuwi lapbook model I had, had no such noise but i see this laptop does – thought it was a bit strange given how low its voltage consumption is.

    Chris G
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    I can only hear this if I put my ear up to the keyboard when scrolling in Edge. Non-issue on my unit.

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    its pretty interesting, the noise appears to differ depending on which website you are scrolling. lol

    read some technical docs online and it seems to be with either the quality of components or the design of the mainboard. so no real fix, pity that my place has very little ambient noise to drain it out.

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