completely missing windows partition

completely missing windows partition

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    Here is how I successfully ended up this this mess…

    I wanted to delete the andriod partition and leave just windows, so I went online got tutorials and dis it and it worked fine.
    Then I tried updating my windows 10, I noticed some drivers refused to install so I went to device manager to fix it through there when suddenly my chuwi hi8 pro turned blue screen and rebooted into recovery.
    Thinking that was the end of the show, recovery failed, tried restore pc,failed tried reset pc and failed saying “boot image not found”
    I don’t know if my partitioning was the cause or the driver I was updating but nothing worked, so you can imagine my frustration cause I have no operating system now installed on the tablet….

    After spending hours searching the web, I finally have andriod running on the tablet,

    How can I repair or flash a new windows 10?
    Can’t I use the sd card slot

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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