Compress Windows for extra Gigabytes

Compress Windows for extra Gigabytes

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    I have learnt how to compress Windows Folders for extra Space gains..

    I average 1.5GB – 3GB for different computers…

    Goto an elevated Command Promt


    “compact /compactos:always”

    (without the “)

    this will take some time.. but for people who have 32gb.. makes a difference..
    may see some slowdowns during use.. but not so bad!!!

    Not that I need it with my coreM 6y54 HP Spectre X2 500GB SSD & 200GB microSD :p

    Found this tip with my quest for creating a 5GB Virtual Machine File!

    Chris G
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    Thanks it’s a useful tip. But it may be quite slow on an Atom you think ?

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    we’re working off ssd’s so it helps, I think..

    I also recommend the tip I emailed you, about unlocking the hidden power options for thermal load

    francesco fumagalli
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    Are there any termal tricks for cherry tail z8300?

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    maybe theres a tool for cleanup unnecessary files, like demo videos, help files, etc

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    Hi Shaun,

    nice suggestion, but it’s just half of the big picture.

    The command you posted AFAIK compact just the OS files, but since ages Windows allows to compact the entire disk: to do so just right click on the disk icon, mark the first check at the bottom and press Apply. You will be asked if you want to do it only on current folder or all subfolders and files, pick the second option and press OK. It will sooner complain about files in use, choose “ignore all” and let it go.

    Your command can then be run just after this to gain a couple other gigabytes on Windows 10.


    Small note about performances: this actually make the system run slightly faster, although should be a little hit on batteries.

    This because during disk access your disk (even if an SSD) will be the real bottleneck while the CPU will be mostly idle, and:

    1. Data compression is asymmetrical: compressing requires lot of elaboration, decompressing instead is a lightweight task
    2. The disk compression applied by the Windows is really simple, so the CPU power required to decompress on the flight it’s even lower than decompressing a ZIP or RAR file
    3. Any current CPU has plenty of power to use, and in a multicore CPU this mean that a core can decompress data and fetch the other cores. As many applications usually run on just one core, compressing disks allow to actually use the other cores and parallelize things a bit
    4. When the disk is compressed it has to read and move around less data, so even the transfer rate of the disk virtually improves


    So, back in the days and with hard drives, we used disk compression everywhere to noticeably increase performances of our systems. With SSD it’s less interesting, but still nice to do to gain back space knowing that it will not hog the system.

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    Hmm, I cannot second this. I just tried setting the whole C: drive to compressed and the space gain was negligible (no wonder, since most of the Content is already heavily compressed movies and audio files and the write Speeds went down considerably – even though I guess the Core m3 Kaby Lake should have enough power when compared to those Atom Chips. I ended up with only about 10MB/s copying a large movie, whereas I was back to ~200MB/s after unselecting the drive compression.


    Maybe something went wrong here, but I’ll leave the disk non-compressed.

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    I can highly recommend the windows installer cleanup utility @


    Also, the softwaredistribution folder can sometimes fail to clean up as it goes. Deleting it forces a clean rebuild of the folder the next time windows update runs potentially saving GB’s

    How to rename or delete Software Distribution folder in Windows 10/8/7

    Anabel Smith
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    You could run disk cleanup – this will delete your old (pre-install) windows files. That will take you more or less where you were before.

    See option 1 here Windows.old Folder – Delete in Windows 10 – Windows 10 Forums

    You could also compact your OS. Compact OS – Compress or Uncompress Windows 10 – Windows 10 Forums notepad++malwarebytes filezilla and disable hibernation Hibernate – Enable or Disable in Windows 10 – Windows 10 Forums

    After that go to <i>Settings > System > Apps and features</i> and install anything you don’t want. Apps like <i>Candy Crush</i> and <i>Solitaire collection</i> are pretty big for example.

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