Cube i7 Book Charger – Think I've Been Supplied With The Wrong One?

Cube i7 Book Charger – Think I've Been Supplied With The Wrong One?

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    Mario Fajardo
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    The charger included is 12V 2A so it should charge slightly faster if I am not mistaken. I would not buy from that aliexpress vendor since they don’t seem to realize that it is important to put the polarity on DC jacks. Polarity is negative on the outside positive on the inside if you don’t want magic smoke happen (pic attached from my charger). If you want to use USB type C to charge the tablet, it should provide minimum 12V 2A or more, which excluded 95% of the chargers and power banks out there. For example this If I recall correctly this is the one that Chris bought and tested that worked, other one that should work too is the Apple one for the newer macbook airs, the ones with only USB 3 type C. Big note, that value should not be provided by a Qualcomm Quickcharge port, those will not work.  Remember to get the appropiate cables if needed.

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    With Cube i7 Stylus I bought generic power source with changeable tips which also made possible to change polarity.  Proper tip size 3.5mm x 1.35mm, with positive voltage inside and negative outside. Note this was for Cube I7 Stylus, I suspect (cannot confirm) that Cube i7 Book is same.

    I did this because original looked bit lethal, had no CE approval etc.

    Niclas Hensing
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    I also got the wrong charger from Banggood, the same as Lou. @Lou: Have you had any progress in receiving a new charger from Banggood?


    Arga Firmansyah
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    Lou, just sharing experience…

    I made a lot of purchase from banggood, every time I have a problem, they always reply and solve the problems. Their email response in my experience is always less than 1 day. Seeing your email address, it seems incorrect, I usually send problem inquiries to [email protected] while the address that you send has lack of “c”.

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    Sorry I haven’t been able to reply. Trouble signing in this Forum and the last few times I navigated to this page it seemed I was IP blocked (?) but it appeared again after a few hours.

    Banggood have acknowledged all my emails (though it’s a very slow and frustrating process)!  Initially they sent a reply a few days ago saying they’d contact their supplier. Then they backtracked on that and said they haven’t got a suitable charger in their store, and they will refund me for the Aliexpress purchase!

    I emailed Cube and they were no good, they just told me to contact Banggood.

    I ordered that AC Adapter from Aliexpress (the seller promised it will work fine with Cube i9/i7 Book). They only mailed it out a few hours ago, so I have had my Cube i7 Book nearly a fortnight and can’t use it.

    Thanks for all the comments, I will look into the links about Power Banks, was finding it really hard to source a 12V one. It’s a disappointing first purchase from Banggood for me, though.

    @Niclas Hensing Hope you don’t get the runaround like I did! As soon as the Aliexpress Adapter arrives, I will update this thread.

    I have a bundle of chargers in here (I suppose we all do, we collect random ones over the years!), some state Polarity, some don’t.

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    I ordered the tablet from and unfortunately it also came without the charger. As I was only in China for a few days I was unable to get a replacement sent. I’ve got 51% battery left!


    Am I right in thinking the currently understood specifications for the DC power port is 3.5mm X 1.35mm 12v 2.5a, outside negative and inside positive?

    If I run out of battery can I safely power the tablet via USB type C (albeit using a 5V/2.1a charger?). If I connect it at the moment, I see the power light but windows reports that it is connected but not charging.



    Andrew W
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    1. The charger that came with my i7 Book is 12V 2000 mA – More mA is not going to hurt. The charging circuitry will only allow so much current in. Maybe it will charge faster, maybe not, but it won’t hurt it.
    2. USB-Type C is a bit of a nebulous standard

    The standard for charging over USB-Type C, is USB-PD (Power Delivery). This has voltages over 5V

    This should be a type-C connector at both ends. So hooking up a Type A USB to Type-C won’t work.

    Be VERY careful about the cables you buy.

    There are cases documented that non-spec cables (especially the Type-A to Type-C) CAN damage your device.

    Amazon is supposedly enforcing the standard after a Google engineer burnt out his Pixel C and began mass testing cables.


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    My Aliexpress-bought AC Adapter has cleared UK Customs tonight (the seller has been very quick at replying to queries, shipping could have been a bit faster – Ordered 16th August-Shipped 21st August (those were a long 5 days!)). Fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow!

    Bit worried by the comment about the USB-C cable, the one I bought gets good reviews on Amazon, but of course that doesn’t mean it’s reputable 🙁 Though seems Type C to Type A is useless for charging anyway?

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    At last! The charger arrived today – very eagerly awaited. It fits, and the red charging light on the tablet goes on! As the battery is completely dead I’ll wait half an hour or so before switching on.

    Edit: Yep it’s charging! Just did the Volume+ and Power button together and it’s booted up. Happy days 🙂 Took approx 1hr 50min to 100% charge.

    The Adapter DOES actually state Polarity – the listing doesn’t state it, or show it clearly in pictures. I have asked Banggood to refund me the cost of the charger – the transaction didn’t incur a currency charge on my card, which is great.

    Nawab arzoo
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    Hi , i have a query about the right type of usb c charger .

    If anyone is charging through usb c then can you tell me what is the maximum voltage and curent consuming by the tablet .

    You could use “USB POWER METER” to measure maximum current and voltage consuming by the tablet.

    i think ivoler 75w charger maybe proving more current or voltage thats why chris is getting 30min faster charge through usb c.

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