Cube i7 Book Core M3 for 299$ on July 12 only

Cube i7 Book Core M3 for 299$ on July 12 only

TechTablets Forums Cube Forums Cube i7 Book Cube i7 Book Core M3 for 299$ on July 12 only


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    Albert Lyubarsky
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    Great news! Thank you, Albert Lyubarsky!

    Andreas Stennert
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    Chris: any chance the review will be up by then? Or just a indication if it is a “safe”  buy.

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    I have received the device on friday evening and played with it most of the weekend.

    There is 2 issues that I can see :

    • Shielding is not that good in my device. While plugged on AC, through the provided power adaptor or through  an iVoler USB Type-C one, I can feel the 50Hz on the casing on feel little electric bites on metal surface. It’s not always, only sometimes, and it’s not really  painful, but it’s annoying. The real matter of the poor shielding is that the wifi is very unstable when the device is plugged. Once again it is not permanent, but files transfer from my NAS shows that the speed fluctuate a lot and that the connection is sometime lost (Might be because I don’t have a Wifi AC Router and I am using Wifi n).
    • The second issue is with the palm rejection : it’s working on my device but not configured correctly. It’s working on the top left two third of the screen but not on the bottom and left part of the screen. It is really weird, but definitiely a software issue as the behavior is always the same, even when I turn the device upside down.

    For me both issues are not deal breacker : When I need network speed, I will unplug the device. For websurfing and emails, no problem of network speed. The palm rejection is annoying, but in Sketchable there is a button to desactivate touch input and for rpoductive use in photoshop or Clip Studio Paint, I don’t use touch, only stylus and keyboard shortcut.

    Another point that is not really an issue but still is annoying : The screen does not open widely enough : it’s more 100° than 120° and it is not enough for a comfortable use on my lap



    Forgot one : The two feet on thehinge of the keyboard are not made from soft rubber but more like hard plastique, so the device tends to glide on my desk.


    Yannis Naumann
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    Where could I buy the new Stylus?

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