Cube i9 dead…

Cube i9 dead…

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    Hi guys, what a bad news!!! This morning I found the tablet with the screen lighted but without any image showed. Then I forced a restart pushing power on button but it doesn’t make anything. Now it doesn’t turn on. Yesterday at night I left the tablet plugged in to the official AC Power Adaptor downloading some files.

    Now, after charging it at 100%, when I try to power on the tablet, it only vibrates (sometimes) and turns on the charging LED in both colors (red & green at the same time, and after that turn them off.

    It has a 64GB microSD and a 128GB pendrive that never give me any error. Anyway, I try it without them with the same result.

    The tablet has the copper Heat Sink mod done and the BIOS from Wootever from the first day.


    Does any of you have an idea about the problem? At this time I don’t have any time to open it again and find the problem, any help will be appreciated.


    Thanks a lot.


    Did you find a solution?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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