Cube i9 mystery slot?

Cube i9 mystery slot?

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    After researching this tablet I found a picture showing what seems to be some kind of slot behind the kickstand – similar to where the sd cards go in surface tablets. Maybe its a sim card slot, but no listings for the tablet mention 3g/4g support (or do they?) so I am wondering what else it could be…

    I also found some photos of close-ups of the ports (some are attached) if anyone is interested.

    Weirdly there is a video of an i9 being dropped on the floor, which I found quite funny 🙂

    Drop Test

    At least we know it survives minor drops haha


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    Chris G
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    Thanks for the vid. It looks like a sim card reader slot to for future use with a LTE model? I’ll check it out when my i9 arrives in a week or two.

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