Cube Mix Plus – Can't Power On

Cube Mix Plus – Can't Power On

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    I recently charged my Cube Mix Plus overnight. The next day i powered it on and noticed, that it didn’t have charge at all.

    So i tried to charge it again, but the battery status just told me: Plugged, but discharging.

    Now i kept turning it on, till it ran out of battery. After that i couldn’t get it started anymore. I tried pressing Power Button and Reset Button

    for 30 seconds, but nothing happened. I also disconnect the battery inside and plugged it in again.

    Didn’t had any issues with the tablet before and now i don’t know what to do.

    Would really appreciate if someone could help me! Thanks in advance.

    PS: When i plug the tablet into the charger and press the Power Button, i can see a red light.

    If unplugged no red light appears.


    Chris G
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    Seems like a hardware fault of sorts or the battery controller. Try unplugging it, this involves opening it of course which isn’t for everyone.

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    1. Try a different charger.
    2. Check voltage on battery (voltmeter on charging port pigtail).  Battery could be charged, but VR is bad.
    3. In battery is not charged, replace the battery.
    4. If no joy at this point, recycle the device.  You just lost the Shenzen lottery.

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    @Hanz Did you have any luck? My MixPlus has the same symptoms right now.


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    me too the same problems.

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