deepin OS on jumper 3? Any luck?

deepin OS on jumper 3? Any luck?

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    Hi folks,


    Im trying to instal deepin on my jumper 3, but simply got stuck on black screen at the beggining.

    Fast boot is off and Ive flashed usb for uefi  using rufus.

    I cant get into legacy mode but as far Im aware its imposible (maybe wrong)

    Ive tried mint, zorin, elementary and all of them boots with no problem, apart from deepin

    Ive been thinking of manjaro deepin as an alternative, but the project has been discontinued and no longer suported 🙁


    I would be grateful for some advices

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    Hi Mario,

    hmm, seems like Deepin is not using a 64-bit bootloader, that’s why you see the black screen. You can boot from a second USB having rEFInd and then start Deepin from there. I agree, Deepin is some really nice eye-candy and doesn’t require much customization after launching, however it’s quite heavy on resources.

    I would suggest to run a lighter DE on the ezbook 3 pro like XFCE or better a WM like i3-gaps. If you still want to run the Deepin Desktop, I recommend to use Arch Linux. Then you can decide which Deepin apps you want so you don’t have to install everything. Th Deepin packages in the Arch repos are also maintained by one of the core developer of Deepin.

    Let me know if you get stuck, happy to point to right direction.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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