Dirt behind screen?

Dirt behind screen?

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    Benoit Lechasseur
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    Hello, i just receivedm tablet from Aliexpress, and i have 2 issues

    There is a black dirt behind  the glass. It  doesnt look exactly like dead pixels, but more superficial to the lcd.

    i will post picture tonight.


    I also have an issue with the touchscreen, it misses 50% keystroke near the center/lower part of the keyboard when it is in landscape mode(right or left). It is ok in portrait mode.


    thanks a lot

    rich t
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    Well the glass is the touch screen…so it probably is defective. Bummer.

    Chris G
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    Doesn’t sound good. It could be a faulty touch digitizer. And the dust would be an assembly line issue. I would get in touch with the ALiexpress seller and open a dispute if needed. Build a good case, take lots of photos of the issue and record a video of the touch problem.

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    My Cube i7 got “dirt” behind the glass too, at least it looks like it´s dirt.
    (No Dead Pixels, under a microscope the pixels just have a dark layer behind/infront of them).

    Picture of the Problem (Bottom right corner): http://i.epvpimg.com/20nFg.jpg

    Except of this i noticed a “noise” at the same position when i tap on the screen or lay the tablet down (some loose part maybe?)
    It would be nice if anyone with a Cube I7 Stylus could confirm if this noise is normal or not.


    Greetings 🙂

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