Display touch issue

Display touch issue

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    Nawab arzoo
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    when i checked the native os that comes with the tablet it contains many modifications and some bloatware so i decided to make a fresh install of windows 10 (build – 1607) after installing by default touch and display was working after updating (windows update) the brightness also worked and checked many drivers were pre-installed. i downloaded the wacom driver from there site it also worked . then at last only few unknown drivers left that i browsed form the driver i got from techtablets forum. after a day of use i noticed that there is a touch issue some times when i touch once it do right click sometime after sometime. and 3 times display freezes automatically when i touch it turn off the display , after sometime i noticed then when i touch and hold lower part in landscape mode it just shakes . I think there is a touch driver issue can anyone provide me the native driver or is the wacom driver is touch driver ?

    Andrew W
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    calibration maybe? I preinswrted the drivers I downloaded from here into the windows install.esd (after converting to .wim) No problems there

    Is it occuring when the tablet is plugged in or notand you’re not touching the metal of the case? If it’s plugged in capacitive screens sometimes have issues with chargers that are not earthed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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