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    Hey guys,


    i have problems with mit Bmax y13:



    Very often the cursor moves to the top right corner and it seems like there is a “touch”-signal. In these moments i can not longer control the cursor with the touchpad. I have to reboot the laptop. After rebooting the mouspad/display/cursor works fine again, but after some time  same it happen again.

    I dont think its a software or driver driven problem.



    At the beginning the laptop worked completely silent. Since today there is a little noise. Not very loud. But not as quiet as the other days.

    Do you hear a little noise coming out auf the y13? I think it comes from the left side, near the power adapter.

    Do you have same problems?

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    I’m also having some weird touchpad and touchscreen issues, but with the BMAX Y11 model. I’m still narrowing the issue down, BMAX support was anything but helpful.


    Could you check in device manager under Human Interface Devices what driver versions you have for the GoodixTouchDriver Device, I2C HID Device and Intel HID Event Filter?  Then under Sensors for the devices present there?


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    Intel HID Event Filter:

    Date: 14.11.2018



    I2C HID

    Date: 21.06.2006

    Version: 10.0.18362.1



    Kionix 3-axis accelerometer

    Kionix 3-axis accelerometer in Keyboard

    for both:


    Date: 14.08.2018



    There is no “GoodixTouchDriver Device” listed unter Human Interface Device.




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    <h4>I would like to say that i have the same problem with my BMAX Y13.</h4>
    <h4>The touchpad is not working correctly. It goes jumping around the screen when i use it. I think that is a hardware problem, but i am not sure. I have checked all the drivers and have updated Windows 10 but the problem still remains.</h4>
    <h4>Anybody found the solution for this?</h4>

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    Having an issue with bmax y13 flickering got it the first day it got delivered to me. Any suggestions? the bmax contact email doesnt respond on what to do with display cable.

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