Do NOT buy the HiBook Pro

Do NOT buy the HiBook Pro

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    hi folks, i just received an HiBook Pro i bought as a gift. (from geekbuying, but that doesn’t really matter).

    it came with 2 massive issues:

    1. the screen glitches and flickers, it seems many units do that and seems related to wifi interference, aka a design flaw (more on that here
    2. windows 10 is not activated and won’t activate, forcing you to buy yourself a license. (no MSDM acpi table obviously)
    3. type-c port is just usb 2.0 as it is on the type-c iwork10 ultimate

    i think i’ll be returning this crap ASAP


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    Wow not good, the screen in the review from Chris doesn’t show any flicker, is it the new batch effected by this? He did mention USB 2.0 speeds and his Windows was activated. Did Chuwi just fuck it up and go cheap on us cutting costs or something by doing any with legit copies of Windows 10????

    This is disappointing, I decided to keep my Hi12 for now, love its battery life. I’ll be looking at the new Apollo lake tablets, but if Chuwi is heading down this path I guess we have only Teclast and Cube to look to?

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    I also have a HiBook Pro also from GB, but

    1. My HiBook pro’s screen is fine, not interference at all
    2. Windows 10 was activated when i get it.
    3. Thats true, it is only Usb 2.0, but there is only mention USB C, not USB C 3.0 or 3.1…

    I think that you got a bad unit…



    Willie Anderson
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    My situation is the same as FaiRLane’s. While the HiBook Pro is far from perfect (weak WiFi, some distortion over Bluetooth headphones for me, a few problems sorting out the HDMI port), my display is perfect and Win 10 is activated. Did you get an early (old stock) unit?

    BTW, I’m sorting out the problems I have and if/when I solve them, I’ll post the solutions. Most seem to be rather shoddy driver work.

    I got my HiBook Pro quite recently, say about 10 days ago. And HUGE THANKS to Chris G for all the help he has been on it, frankly more than Chuwi or their forums.


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    this unit is probably an early batch, juding by the bios version (ending with .230 while latest bios seems to be >=.234) however, it is the Pro version that should already be a kind of “fix” of the previous HiBook non-pro.

    anyway, as always with chinese things, you cannot know which batch you’ll get beforehand so it’s better to avoid it altogether.

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    Another massive problem is the uefi bios, which is a hopeless mess! No legacy mode…

    These tablets were not meant to be dual boot and the bios loads different firmware especially for the sd card device when switching the os.

    It eventually breaks the sd card reader as the setting to load the ms custom sdbus driver gets lost during the switching. At least that’s whats happening uptil bios v231. Don’t know if the new bios (v234) fixes this), as I am weiry to flash the new bios cause many people bricked their tablets doing that!


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    I agree don’t buy this tablet. How it got such a high score is beyond me. The tablet is appallingly slow. The 2560×1600 just kills it. It was never meant to run on such a weak processor. My Chuwi vi10 runs so much smoother and faster than this. Also the touchscreen is a lot less sensitive than on vi10. Sometimes it doesn’t recognize my touch when pressing too lightly.

    I’ve tried everything, from removing any power saving limitations to updating all drivers, including bios to v234 and nothing makes a difference. I’m baffled how anyone¬†finds this is workable. It’s equivalent to a 50 dollar tablet.

    Also I can confirm the new bios doesn’t fix the sd card problem.

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    Hi to all,
    I also own an HiBook Pro from GearBest.

    I have no problems with screen, Windows activation is OK (even after full format – reinstall with Windows anniversary 1604).

    Yes maybe the 2K resolution is too much for Atom x5, it slows down smoothness BUT you can easly change it in Windows settings for a Full HD mode (1920×1200). There is also a way to do it in Android (need ROOT and Resolution Changer app). Mine is set at 2K in Windows and 1080p in Android in order to play games like RealRacing 3 ?

    HiBook Pro’s Full laminated screen is just wonderfull in comparaison of other model: you get better brightness, vivid colors and permits you outdoor use ! I did an outdoor test with HiBook Pro and Hi12 tablets, the results are uncomparable ! HiBook Pro wins ?

    Willie Anderson
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    TEKNOCORSE, did your re-install of Windows 1604 improve or degrade your WiFi and/or Bluetooth performance? I’m having poor wireless performance, and before I open up my HiBook Pro, I want to exhaust all driver issues.

    BTW, I did an upgrade to Windows 1604, but did not do a full format.

    Thanks in advance for any info. If I can get the wireless issues sorted out, this tablet will be perfect.

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    Hi Willie,

    No changes about WiFi and Bluetooth after full format and clean intall.
    This is definitivly an hardware problem : only one crappy antenna for WiFi and Bluetooth…

    I’m also planning to change it for another and bigger one. I hope it will increase performance, but I doubt it will solve Bluetooth interferencies… In “normal PC” there’s usually 3 antennas: 2 for WiFi and one for BT.

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    Hi All,

    I own a HiBook Pro and also bought one for my father (both from a local company in Spain – I have had no problems at all with the table – windows 10 worked fine, and I love the ability to switch between windows and android.

    My father is normally quite difficult with any technology change (he complained that the switch to android function had stopped working, but it was because he was selecting “no” to the question from win os as to whether he was happy to allow the program to run!!!) but he has been generally overjoyed with the tablet….

    I’m on it now, with Win 10 creators edition, just logging in to work as per normal, with the display on a 28″ screen being driven by the HDMI out without issues!

    Only criticism so far has been the touch screen on windows, but I overlayed the tempered glass on top of the screen as it came, and I understand now that Chuwi’s always ship with a screen protector already attached, so just looking to remedy that!

    WiFi is also a bit on the weak side, but not a major issue in my house – just sometimes when there are too many walls inbetween tablet and repeater / access point gets a bit on the dodgy side (but normally impacts only games that have an online component in android)….

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