Dongle wars.

Dongle wars.

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    Hi all,

    While waiting for my Air 12.5 M3 to arrive, I am preparing to expand connectivity (lack of ports and SD card slot) by buying a USB-c multi port dongle.

    I found and ordered this 6 dollar solution on eBay.

    Will this work as pass through for the power cable in the same go?





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    Chris G
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    Hi, no it will not pass power. Just a basic hub is what it looks like.

    I recommend something like the havit type-c hub or Aukey type-c hub. USB 3.1 spec hubs will do power, data and charging.

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    Thanks Chris,

    That Havit hub looks interesting, though quite pricey.

    The one I ordered for 6 dollars (link above) states it has PD charging, so once it arrives (prolly 3 weeks from China) I will let you know if passthrough charging actually works.

    I realise there can be quite a quality difference in anything that concerns type-c , so fingers crossed. As long as it does not damage any internals , I am fine to experiment.

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    It will charge thrue the hub.

    many of these el cheapo devices carry PD, same with this one.

    But the question is what kind of charge will it deliver.

    I got the mi air13 with also USB-C charging, and that is massive 65wattage, so around 3.25amp at 20v. and i highly doubt these ell cheapo hubs can maintain that.

    the Mi ai12 if remember correct is a little slower and comes with 45watt AC TypeC charger. and it would supprise me if this hub are able to handle such hrelative high effect.

    Perhaps you will encounter that it delivers 5w thrue its PD feature at relative low amp. and that toogle to handle the voltage down and lower the amp, and it will heat it up. (if it takes it to standard 5v thrue its PD feature from a fx 20v typeC input, then the mi air wont accept it, it sems to need it in the 20v ballpark // at least the 13 vers..) and thats useally the problem with el cheapo hubs (lack of potent cirquit parts) or el cheapo cables (lack of ¬†strings) that it simply doesnt have the parts to maintain the effect all the way, and you will encounter a huge drop in the end….

    But please give notice when you recive it, and hw it handle the power delivery.

    the Havic looks very promissing, but certainly also quite expensiv.

    btw is the max bandwdith in the native TypeC multi socket on mi air13 – 5GB or 10GB, i reckon its 5GB for the 2x USB3 or??

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    I bought the Havit but it doesn’t charge the laptop, the customer service told me:

    Thanks for your reply
    The laptop charger is QC 2.0 Charging protocol, It’s not PD Charging.
    The charging function will not work well because it’s not fits.
    Really sorry for that .we should show the different between QC charging and PD charging.”

    I have to say, I have the newest 12.5 model with the core m5 CPU and 8GB RAM. But it would really surprise me that this upgraded model uses a different charger..

    I bought it of AliExpress since I live in Thailand. Have I bought a Chinese fake? I added a picture of my charger, maybe Chris can confirm if it is the same charger so I can dispute this.


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