Dual Boot OS Switcher

Dual Boot OS Switcher

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    Hello there guys,

    often i read that you want to have the exe and apk files for the OS switch between android and Windows for the dual boot tablets.
    So here they are:

    At windows you have only to start the exe file.
    At Android you have to install the apk file. If this dont work, copy the apk file with a root file manager (EX File Explorer as an example) to -> /system/app/OSSwitchToWindows/
    Set Persmissions on this folder and of the apk file to rwx-r-xr-x

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    Hey there thanks for sharing this tools .. wonder if this will work on my Teclast x80 PLus ?


    Xavier Rodriguez
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    Doesnt work in teclast tbook 16 power. Any alternative?

    choon yong
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    pls help…i can’t switch from win 10 to android for my teclast tbook 16. even i press the power with volume up key, it will only go to bios setup blue screen page and not then initial white screen with choice of 2 os. thanks

    mimmo maiorino
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    are they good for tbook11?

    how can i do a complete backup of both os that safeguards dual boot?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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