Ezpad 6 Pro blusescreen problem

Ezpad 6 Pro blusescreen problem

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    I have bought Jumper Ezpad 6 Pro for about a year.

    The major problem I have got is the bluescreen problem, the problem is been showing up ever since  I bought it.

    I have done some reasearch about it, it appears that there are two reasons lead to blusecreen, the first reason is drivers, so I just update all the drivers from device manager and Windows Update, after I have updated the problem is still not solved, so maybe it’s the another reason leads to it-there are problems in the hardware, so I have used some diagnostic tool t0 make sure all my hardware works fine, the result is all the hardware is working properly.

    It’s very annoying when you are working and then the bluescreen shows up with some codes, I know I can identify what’s cause this by that code, but the code is different everytime bluescreen.

    I noticed that bluescreen shows up more when the back of the tablet is hot, so I guess maybe it’s the heat makes some hardwares malfunction?

    Have you also experienced the bluescreen problem? Do you have any ideas how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Of course overheating can cause these kinds of error, but so can other problems of almost any type such as drivers or faulty RAM. But as you have identified heat as the possible cause then investigate temperature monitoring first. I don’t have the same machine as yours so you need to find the information for yourself.
    Temperature throttling and shutdown can happen (Your processor has 5 temperature sensors), why not look at one of the temperature monitoring utilities to see if they support your processor and board? (ones I’ve used in the past for other processors/motherboards were HWMonitor and the Open Hardware Monitor). Temperatures may be shown in the BIOS. You’ll be able to get information for your processor from Intels website.

    Have you checked inside to see if any of the connectors have come partly loose? Reseating them may help. A quick look found EZPAD 6 PLUS 분해 조립 / TAO2KOREA which may help to get into the tablet- watch those magnets.
    Opening the ezpad will let you see the processor to make sure its cooling solution is ok and undamaged.

    Another possibility is a problem with the RAM- there are RAM test programs to test memory.

    I’m not sure which version of the 6 pro you have but the video above seems to show an internal slot for storage- check anything fitted is properly fitted too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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