EZPad Pro 6 Network File Copy Slow

EZPad Pro 6 Network File Copy Slow

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    Has anyone tried copying files via SMB with their EZPad Pro 6? I am experiencing issues with file copy slowing down until it is stuck at 0 bytes/s for quite a while (can be several minutes). File transfer then resumes briefly before it gets stuck at 0 bytes/s again. This cycle is repeated until hours later, the file transfer is complete.

    The issue does not appear to be the internal Realtek 8723 wifi adapter, as I have tried several external USB wifi adapters. I have changed USB settings, turned off auto tuning, disable Remote Differential Compression, enabled write-caching of the eMMC drive but all to no avail. I have this issue on another device (Trekstor Surftab) which I was not able to resolve. I am totally baffled.

    Anyone have any such issues?

    Thanks in anticipation!

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