F7 thermals?

F7 thermals?

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    Ordered the F7 after watching the youtube videos a while ago. Unit finally arrived today after the long Chinese NY dispatch times from gearbest. I’m really happy with the build quality however I was surprised at the thermals.

    The review unit showed nice low temps however my unit is sitting around 70 degrees average and its quite hot to touch on the left hand top, side and bottom where the CPU obviously is. Could this just be due to windows setting up and downloading all the updates etc or do you think I need to take it apart and apply some good quality thermal paste? (I suspect this would be the issue).

    Curious to hear from anyone else with an F7 as to how hot the laptop gets to the touch?




    Chris G
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    Mine never goes over 74 degrees C and this is with no power limit (Unlimited) so for me as per my review, the thermals are great and won’t need a repaste or thermal pad. And it barely even gets warm on the bottom of it. This may vary from unit to unit, but it has a very big copper heatsink inside it.

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    Thanks for the reply, very surprised that your unit gets barely warm to the touch as mine gets quite hot! Think I will have to take a look inside maybe its just a case of them messing up the thermal paste application or something.

    Mines from the second batch of units that gearbest got so maybe they have sneakily switched out paste or something inside to a cheaper quality?




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    Same here, just got the F7 some days before.
    This morning I installed a SSD, Win 10 pro from scratch and all updates. The left side gets very warm and battery drains quickly.
    I haven’t recognised this with my EzBook Pro. I’ve installed now HWMonitor and it sits at 38 degrees C and cools down…

    Installed passmark burnin and after 15 minutes of full cpu load he reaches an equilibrium of 78 degrees C, the right side is as hot as during Win10 installation/update.

    Nb. The passmark cpu mark gaves an icredible value of 2133, their table list as average 1836.

    (I’ve not changed the thermal management…)



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    Thanks for the info! Now I’ve been using mine a few days its cooled down massively, gets barely warm now which is nice. Temps are sitting around 40-45 degrees which is very impressive! I only use the laptop for doc editing and some youtube but still very happy with it now! I haven’t installed any extra storage as I don’t need it but even running on the eMMC it still feels quick and responsive.

    So for those who buy an F7, prepare for some heat on startup and the first few boots while it updates itself but this will soon go away.

    What a buy!! Thanks Techtablets for the review.


    Alan Mulford
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    Hi guys I just bought a new teclast f7. I know the laptop is thin but sit seems to get quiet warm on the left hand side. Just wondering if I should be concerned or anything I can do.

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