Gearbest EU Warehouse restock soon?

Gearbest EU Warehouse restock soon?

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    Hello guys,

    just a quick question. I am from Germany and I would love to buy an i7 Tablet, the thing is that importing anything from china requires me to pay 19% on top of what I paid for the tablet.
    Right now the cheapest place where I can get the Cube i7 Book from, is Gearbest. 308€ would be the price from China, which would equal just about 360€ with taxes. Unfortunately they do not have it in stock anymore in the EU Warehouse.
    The Cube i7 Stylus is 280€ in the EU Warehouse right now, which would mean about 80€ less. Do you think that it’s worth it to invest those 80€ to get the Book or is 80€ too much for what I am going to get?

    On the other hand, should I just wait until they restock the Cube i7 Book? I have no experience with Gearbest whatsoever so I can’t say anything, maybe one of you guys knows. I wouldn’t mind waiting about one more month, but not really more than that.

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    I haven’t ordered anything with gearbest as of yet and I’m not sure I’ve understood this properly, but some websites claim that by choosing the free Priority Germany delivery option they somehow make a special sort of delivery so that you wouldn’t have to pay extra? Though I’m not entirely sure if that was related to the regular sales tax or to extra customs charges (which wouldn’t apply for tablets anyway).

    Gerneally, it makes sense to look out for a sale, recently there were a bunch of sales offers on that tablet on gearbest as well as banggood. I got mine for around 265€ (+50€ tax on arrival). As far as the comparison to the i7 Stylus is concerned, I don’t really know. I suspect that performance-wise there is not a huge difference, although if I remember correctly there are some slight differences in connectivity (I think the stylus didn’t have AC WiFi nor USB-C, and it doesn’t work with the transformer style keyboard dock if that’s a concern for you).

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    From what I’ve read there is this 19% tax that I will have to pay, no matter what. I’ve ordered a couple of things from out of EU and I always had to pay that, I just never ordered from Gearbest either, so there could be a chance that I won’t actually have to pay. But I wouldn’t bet on that.
    265,00€ is a nice Deal of course, was that from Banggood? Since you said you never ordered from Gearbest. I would definitely order for that amount, even if I had to pay 50€ taxes just like you did. I think I will wait a couple of weeks and look for a nice deal and if nothing happens I will go with whatever I am feeling that day.


    That new Wifi-controller is honestly the only thing that matters to me, the power plus I am getting is personally not worth the 80€ and the USB-C connection is not something i desperately need either, but with the new Wifi-Thing paying 80€ altogether seems like a good investment.

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    You have a private message.

    With Germany Express you have not to pay any taxes.

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    Currently (and the case since early October at least) both Gearbest & Banggood are out of stock of the Cube I7 Book (and no trustworthy confirmation of the restock date, as the one on both sites keeps shifting every couple of days). Same is the case for the Chuwi Hi12 (haven’t checked other tablets atm), so not exactly sure what’s going on there but there clearly seems to be some issue with their suppliers (at least for these two).

    I tried getting some kind of _anything_ from them on the issue, but all they say is that the restock date is “date-shown-on-product-page” (which is total BS).

    Also, fyi, the current price for them is +/- 275€ on both sites – so if you’re willing to risk waiting until Christmas before it’s shipped, it’s a good time to order one 😉

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    Dammit, I just ordered a few days ago from GB. They’ve just shipped out the keyboard but not the tablet. It would be awkward to receive a keyboard without the tablet to use it with…

    edit: the tablet is now shipped. Got a text from DHL both shipments are estimated to arrive on Nov 3rd. let’s see… 🙂

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